QC Process

ParinBetonAmood Co. as one of the best AAC and dry mortar producers aims for sustenance and efficiency of company operation through settling IMS based on ISO 9001:2008ISO 14001:2004OHSAS 18001:2007.

Which would satisfy the mutual requirements, esp customers, and reach below goals:

Understanding customers` requirements and achieving their satisfaction by producing and offering proper qualityproductions

Believing in high value of man power as the most important factor in production and emphasizing employment of educated personnel and continuous training of personnel and also improving their knowledge and belief toward their tasks for increasing efficiency

Commitment to permanent improvement in all activities of company through codification of goals, auditing and reviewing them and defining improvement projects in Co.

Using standards and observing legal bindings for quality control of products, prevention of environmental pollutants and personnel health care

Respecting personnel rights and keeping work environment safe by observing the rules and regulations

Commitment to prevention of environment pollution by permanent identifying and removing pollutants

Considering company dynamism by developing fields of creativity and innovation and improving the quality and volume of productions as well as producing new products

My deputy would be responsible for scheming, guidance and supervising the true function of IMS settlement, who would provide me with his regular reports in order to improvement and efficiency of this system and insurance to reach above goals.

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