Parin Plaster

Parin PlasterApplication

PARIN BETON THIN-WALL PLASTER, INTERIOR, FINISH, WHITE (hereinafter FINISH WHITE) is a fine cement based thin-wall plaster (skim coat) for the smoothing of internal walls and ceilings in wet and dry interior areas. Polymer modified for high performance. Can be applied manually or by spraying with a small plaster pump. Designed for easy of use and high durability.

Background preparation

Suitable backgrounds are cast-in-situ or precast concrete, block work, cement and lime cement plasters, and aerated lightweight concrete.
The backgrounds shall be clean and strong enough. Cement laitance, oil, grease, and other impurities are removed.
Windows and other surfaces, which are not to be treated, are protected.
FINISH WHITE is designed for application on dry surfaces but in very hot and dry conditions the background can, depending on the preferred application technique, be moistened if necessary to prolong the open time of the plaster.

Climatic Conditions

FINISH WHITE is developed for both hot and dry and climates, and for moderate climate, and is applicable down to a minimum temperature of + 5oC during the installation and for two days thereafter.


FINISH WHITE is mixed with a whisk and power drill. Small amounts can be also be mixed manually. The water requirement is about 8 litres of clean water / 25 kg bag.
The powder is added to the water and mixed until the consistency is uniform. The maturing time after the first mixing is 10 minutes in order for the additives to dissolve properly. The thin-wall plaster is ready for use after a further short mixing during which the water amount can be fine tuned if necessary.
The pot life of the mixed thin-wall plaster is 3 hours in temperatures below + 25oC, 2 hours in temperatures between +25oC and +35oC, and 1 hour in temperatures higher than + 35oC.

Work Method

The thin-wall plaster is levelled onto the background by spraying or by manual trowelling. A 30 cm steel trowel is used for partial filling. An 80 cm steel trowel is used for levelling large areas. Each trowel stroke is made perpendicular to the preceding stroke. For ceiling work an 80 cm steel trowel on a long handle is used and the last stroke is made perpendicular to the window wall. No scaffolding is needed for ceiling work when the long handle trowel is used.
Excess fresh material is removed from the background and recycled back to the material bucket or to the plaster pump.
FINISH WHITE can, if necessary, be applied in multiple layers. The drying time between the layers is 1 day and when necessary the preceding layer is lightly grinded with sand paper before the next layer is applied. This coat can be left as a spray texture coat depending on the architectural objectives. The spraying is done from a distance of 0.6 – 1 m depending on the spraying equipment. The application is always perpendicular to the wall and with a circular motion.


Due to its composition and polymer content FINISH WHITE normally does not need curing with water but in very dry conditions it can be cured with a light water spray one day after the plastering work.


When the coat has hardened properly it can be painted with normal interior water based paints or alkali-resistant solvent based paints (suitable for e.g. normal fresh cement plaster or concrete surfaces), it can be wall-papered, or tiled using e.g. PARIN BETON TILE FIX. FINISH WHITE can also be used as the final coating, e.g. as spray texture in ceilings.


FINISH WHITE is applied with steel spatulas or trowels ranging from one-handed 5 cm wide spatulas for small patching work to 120 cm wide two-handle trowels for the plastering all over large areas. For ceiling work a wide trowel on long handle is used.
For the light grinding work a sand paper backing board on long pivoted handle is recommended.
The tools and equipment are cleaned with water immediately after the use.


The basic consumption is 1.2 kg / m2 for a 1 mm layer. For fine finishing the material consumption is typically 1 kg / m2.

Package Size and Storage

FINISH WHITE is supplied in 25 kg paper bags. Unopened bags can be stored in dry conditions for 1 year. On site the material is stored away from the ground and is protected from rain.


The fresh mortar is alkaline due to its content of Portland cement and irritates the skin
and mucous membranes. Avoid unnecessary contact with the skin.
Note: The same precautions, safety, and first aid measures apply as for Portland cement and for Portland cement based products.

Parin Plaster Technical Data
Binder White Portland Cement
Aggregate Clean, dried, crushed, and classified white limestone.
Maximum grain size 0.35 mm.
Additives Water retention agents, redispersible polymers, and special additives for enhanced rheology.
All the additives are water soluble and are classified as non hazardous.
Colour White
Package Size 25 kg
Water demand Approximately 8 litres per 25 kg bag.
Pot life 1 – 3 hour depending on temperature.
Note: Higher temperature shortens the pot life
Layer Thickness 0.5 – 3 mm per coat
Consumption Approximately 1.2 kg / m2 for 1 mm thick layer.
For fine finishing work typically 1 kg / m2.
Tensile Adhesion
 to Concrete 
Exceeding 0.8 MPa
Durability Water, freeze-thaw, and weather resistant