Parin Tile Grout

Parin Tile GroutApplication

Parin Beton Tile Grout (hereinafter TILE GROUT) is a cementitious tile grout for the grouting of porous and vitrified tile on internal and external wet and dry wall and floor surfaces. White, grey, or coloured (please refer to colour chart). Recommended joint width 2 – 6 mm. Polymer modified for high performance. Contains special hydrophobic agents for low dirt pick-up. Meets EN 13888 CG 1 requirements. Designed for easy of use and high durability.

Background preparation

The joints should be clean. Fixing mortar or adhesive should not rise over half the depth of the joints. Excess mortar or adhesive is removed.
TILE GROUT is designed for application on dry surfaces.

Climatic Conditions

TILE GROUT is developed for both hot and dry and climates, and for moderate climate, and is applicable down to a minimum temperature of +5oC during the installation and for two days thereafter. Too strong sunlight and wind should be avoided.


TILE GROUT Fix is mixed with a whisk and power drill. Small amounts can be also be mixed manually. The water requirement is about 7 litres of clean water / 25 kg bag.
For joints wider than 4 mm a slightly stiffer grout is used by mixing with about 6.75 litres of water / 25 kg bag.

The powder is added to the water and mixed until the consistency is uniform. The maturing time after the first mixing is 10 minutes in order for the additives to dissolve properly. The grout is ready for use after a further short mixing during which the water amount can be fine tuned if necessary.

The pot life of the mixed grout is 2 hours in temperatures below + 25oC, 1 hour in temperatures between +25oC and +35oC, and 0.5 hours in temperatures higher than + 35oC.

Work Method

The grout is applied diagonally with a rubber-coated float into the joints from different directions so that the joints are well filled and firmly pressed into the joints. Excess grout is immediately removed with the same tool.

The joints are allowed to dry, about 30 minutes for porous tiles and 45 – 60 minutes for vitrified tiles, depending on the temperature and humidity. A damp sponge-coated float is used to clean the tiling and make the final adjustment to the grout surface.

Avoid the use of too much water during the cleaning operation.
After the tiling has dried completely final cleaning is done with a dry cloth.

Note: Due to the risk of staining unglazed tiles should not be grouted with pigmented tile grouts. Use only basic white or grey grades for unglazed tiles.

Curing and hardening

Due to its composition and polymer content TILE GROT normally does not need curing with water but in very dry conditions it can be cured with a light water spray one day after the grouting work is finished.
A tiled floor shall be put into hard service only after 14 days after the installation.

Tools and Consumption

Rubber-coated float (or a rubber spatula for small areas)
Sponge-coated float (or normal sponge for small areas)
Clean cloth for final cleaning
The tools are cleaned with water immediately after the use.

Package Size and Storage

TILE GROUT is supplied in 25 kg paper bags. Unopended bags can be stored in dry conditions for 1 year. On site the material is stored away from the ground and is protected from rain.


The fresh mortar is alkaline due to its content of Portland cement and irritates the skin and mucous membranes. Avoid unnecessary contact with the skin.

Note: The same precautions, safety, and first aid measures apply as for Portland cement and for Portland cement based products.

Parin Tile Grout Technical Data
Binder Portland Cement (White or Grey)
Additives Water retention agents, redispersible polymers, and hydrophobic agents.
Aggregate Clean, dried, crushed, and classified white limestone with maximum size 0.35 mm
Colour Light Cement Grey, white, or coloured (please refer to colour chart)
Package Size 25 kg
Water demand Approximately 7 litres per 25 kg bag.
Pot life 0.5–2 hour depending on temperature.
Note: Higher temperature shortens the pot life
Consumption 1–2 kg/m2 depending on joint width and type of tile.
Durability Water, freeze-thaw and weather resistant
Fulfils the requirements of EN 13888 Class CG 1.
Compressive strength 23 MPa (EN 12808-3)